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Kuliah gratis s1 – s3 di Brunei Darussalam. Beasiswa : seluruh biaya studi, adm kampus, living cost, buku, uang makan, biaya pesawat dr dan ke negara asal. Beasiswa tidak diperuntukkan bagi warganegara Brunei. Hanya untuk warga negara asing (dr Luar Brunei).
Aplikasi selambatnya tgl 14 Feb 2013.

ASEAN Day Message from His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam

ASEAN has always been a dynamic association. It has been driven by the will of its members to do more than merely respond to the world outside South East Asia. It wishes to be part of that world, to contribute to it and to help shape it so that its people can embrace it and face its challenges with confidence.

All the steps taken over the last few years to strengthen the association’s structure through the ASEAN Charter, have been an expression of that wish.

In recognition, our annual ASEAN Day has traditionally given us a moment to confirm it.

Increasingly, however, it is giving us a chance to do more than that. It is becoming a time to recognise how the wish is taking on lasting substance.

Our Leaders’ Summits are approving ambitious, far-reaching programmes of action. Every consultation, dialogue and forum emphasises implementation and completion.

The most dramatic example will take place later this year when ASEAN chairs the ground-breaking 6th East Asia Summit. We will meet all the great powers of Asia and its close neighbours as partners in the business of the modern world.

We will bring to our discussions the strength of a region with clear economic, social, cultural and political objectives.

We will be building on its past and living its future, diverse in experience and united in purpose.



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